5 ways how stress can affect your oral hygiene

Research implies that psychological worry contributes to weak oral well being systematically in combination with other serious illnesses. 

Daphne Clarance

New Delhi,Updated: Feb 16, 2023 18:45 IST

During stressful times, self-care becomes a challenge as people begin to indulge in mind-boosting foods. (Photo courtesy: Getty Images)

For the duration of stress filled instances, self-treatment turns into a challenge as people today start off to indulge in brain-boosting meals. (Picture courtesy: Getty Pictures)

By Daphne Clarance: Anxiety can have a large influence not just on your physical wellness but on your dental hygiene as very well. Investigation implies that psychological tension contributes to weak oral wellness systematically in blend with other chronic diseases.

When a person is underneath stress, the body releases a hormone called cortisol that improves sugars (glucose) in the bloodstream. This hormone could also control capabilities that would be harmful in a battle-or-flight circumstance.

“Stress is anything that all of us respond to in a different way. Cortisol would make us indulge in behaviors which are harmful. These can have harmful practices on our tooth,” Dr Amruta Sprint, Implantologist, Periodontist, Beauty/Aesthetic Dentist, Ivory Smiles Dental Clinic, Bengaluru explained to indiatoday.in.

Lack OF SELF-Care

During annoying situations, self-treatment will become a problem. “Men and women start off to indulge in intellect-boosting foods like carbohydrates and sugar. All that can lead to plaque make-up and decay. It could also lead to gum troubles like periodontitis, which is loosening of gums,” explained Dr Dash.


Tension can also lead to dry mouth or xerostomia thanks to lessened saliva manufacturing. “Saliva is crucial because it functions as a buffer in eliminating a ton of food particles. It also includes enzymes which aid in remineralisation of the teeth,” she additional.

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In case you can find decay, it can remineralise or battle from the decay. This can also guide to a larger kind of plaque buildup. Overconsumption of liquor and tobacco can lead to dry mouth as well and, in transform, direct to gum disorder concerns and decay.


Clenching of the jaws is very frequent between people today who have large-pressured jobs. “Several folks clench their jaw when stressed. This can activate the muscular tissues and it can guide to anxiety in our temporomandibular joint (TMJ). This can guide to tension and ache all around the jaw and ears,” mentioned Dr Sprint.

You can also working experience trouble when you’re opening and closing your mouth, identified as bruxism.


Quite a few individuals grind their teeth to deviate their minds from a stress filled circumstance. This can lead to a sizeable “don and sensitivity of tooth.”

“Boost in cortisol concentrations can induce a protein which can induce irritation or most probably direct to gingivitis or periodontitis,” suggested Dr Sprint.


Anxiety might also end result in ulcers. Typically, topical treatment is effective most effective to battle it.

Brushing and flossing often and applying h2o floss or drinking water picks to preserve your mouth thoroughly clean. (Image courtesy: Getty Images)

How to manage dental hygiene when you might be stressed?

“Provide down your worry by undertaking yoga and meditation and many others. Speak to your dentist to routine a tooth cleansing appointment. In circumstance you have a clenching challenge like the TMJ, then a evening guard (a transparent tray) could be valuable,” advised Dr Dash.

If you have misaligned teeth, then you can find orthodontic cure like braces to accurate the alignment. “Well-aligned tooth can cut down the stress on your tooth,” she extra.

Brushing and flossing frequently and applying drinking water floss or h2o picks to keep your mouth clean. “See your dentist every single six months,” proposed Dr Dash.