8 Free 3D Prints to Keep Your Pets Happy and Healthy

To say that your pets are important to you would be a colossal understatement. The animals you keep at home are a part of your family, and most people want to keep their furry friends as happy and healthy as can be. But how does a 3D printer come into all of this?

Dogs, cats, and other pets have complex needs. Pet-based DIY projects will help you meet and exceed these needs, and you can find some of the best options the web has to offer in this article.

3D Prints for Feeding & Watering Your Pets

Like almost any animal, your pets need food and water to survive and be healthy. Whether in the depths of winter or at the height of summer, you always have to think about the food and water your pets have access to. These projects will help you to provide food and water on the go, regulate the amount your pets consume, and even make mealtimes more fun.

1. 3D Printable Slow Feeder Pet Bowls

Like humans, your furry friend probably struggles to moderate their own food intake. This can be a serious problem for dogs and cats, with indigestion, choking, and weight gain coming as the result of fast eating.

This 3D printable slow feeder pet bowl separates your pet’s food into segments to stop them from eating quickly. Not only will this kind of bowl slow down your pet’s food intake, it can also reduce it. You could consider pairing this project with a DIY automatic pet feeder to make it even more powerful.

2. Pet Food/Water Bowl Stand 3D Print

Raising your pet’s food and water bowls helps them to consume their meals. Both cats and dogs benefit from having their bowls raised to a height that stops them from bending their necks, just like a human using a table to eat.

You can make a raised pet food/water stand with your 3D printer with the help of this simple design. Designing this type of solution for yourself will also be nice and easy, making it worth exploring the idea and the best approach to take for your pet.

3. Portable Water Bottle/Bowl Combo 3D Print

While cats and dogs can absorb a lot of moisture through the food they consume, they still need to have access to drinkable water. Puddles and water sources should always be avoided, but how are you supposed to help your pet get the water they need when out and about? They can’t drink from a bottle like you.

Or maybe they can! This 3D printable water bottle holder can turn into a drinking bowl that is perfect for your pet. While this example is designed for a specific type of water bottle, you can find one to perfectly fit the bottles you already use with a quick search.

DIY 3D Printable Pet Toys

Having the chance to play and have fun is just as important to your pets as the food you give them. Both cats and dogs need the opportunity to play with their humans, and the 3D printer you have at home is a great resource to help with this. While you can also use streaming services to entertain your pets, here we’ll take a look at a couple of the best 3D printable pet toy projects from around the web.

It is worth noting that many 3D printable materials are dangerous for animal and human consumption alike. This is particularly important with dogs, so you must make sure that your pet can’t swallow the toys you provide.

4. Ball-in-Ball 3D Print-in-Place Cat Toy

Print-in-place projects are fun, as they give you the chance to test your printer/slicer settings on a complex print. The strength and durability of a solid print is great for cat toys, and the ball inside this ball-in-ball project is sure to drive your feline wild.

5. 3D Printable Fishing Rod Cat Toy

This next 3D printable pet project is more complex than the others we’ve looked at so far. Not only will you need to put it together, but you also require some extra parts to make it work. Cats can make great fishers, but have you ever tried catching a cat with a rod?

This 3D printable fishing rod cat toy takes the pain out of long string toys. The ratchet works just like a normal fishing rod, allowing you to cast the toy at the end for your cat to enjoy, before reeling it in for another go.

3D Prints for Injury Recovery

It goes without saying that the first port of call when your pet is injured is always the vet. While this may be the case, you can still use your 3D printer to create tools that will aid in your pet’s recovery. The options below are a great start, but you need to make sure that your pet also has professional medical care.

6. 3D Printable Pet Leg Splints

Dealing with even a simple injury can be a challenge for pet owners. Not only will your pet try to get away from the pain, but they also don’t understand the need to keep their injured appendages still. A splint is a perfect tool to improve the healing process for a range of pet limb injuries.

You can edit this 3D printable pet leg splint to meet the dimensions of your pet’s leg. Once in place with Velcro, it will keep your pet from putting pressure on their injury until it has healed properly. This approach can be far more affordable than buying a splint from your vet.

7. Dog Cuff 3D Print (Cone of Shame Alternative)

Dogs and cats alike hate having to wear the “cone of shame” when they have had medical treatment. Even the dimmest of pets can find ways to remove these cones, with little regard for the fact that they are helping the animal.

This 3D printable dog/cat cuff provides a convenient way to lose the cone while keeping your pet from licking sensitive areas on their body. Using a material like TPU will keep the print soft and comfortable, but will also make it extremely hard to break.

8. 3D Printable Cat/Dog Flaps

This 3D printable automatic cat flap is the most complex project on this list. You will need a range of electronic components to make it work, including a stepper motor and an Arduino. But the result is worth it.

The pet flap works over Wi-Fi, providing full control over access to your home, all without being overly bulky or hard to install. From the outside, it looks just like a regular cat flap. On the inside, though, you will get to watch a pleasing mechanism do its work every time your pet decides they want a trip outdoors.

Using Your 3D Printing Hobby to Benefit Your Pets

3D printing is an excellent hobby with an increasingly low barrier to entry. You can find cheap 3D printers across the web, and countless guides to help you to use them. But what are you supposed to make once you have the printer of your dreams? Focusing on your pets is a great way to make use of your 3D printer while learning in the process.