8 Healthy Ways to Use White Rice, According to a Dietitian

Rice is a staple food in a lot of cultures.

It’s predominantly produced in the Asian-Pacific area, in which it serves as an essential financial crop. A lot more than 60{7b6cc35713332e03d34197859d8d439e4802eb556451407ffda280a51e3c41ac} of the world’s population eats rice each and every day.

Compared to brown rice, white rice offers much less nutrition, which includes minerals, nutritional vitamins, and dietary fiber. This disparity has led several in the West to vilify white rice, and there are promises that it can not suit into a balanced diet program.

Nonetheless, white rice continues to be more greatly eaten than brown rice, likely owing to cultural tactics, its a lot quicker cooking time, and its softer texture, which a lot of men and women obtain additional favorable.

Furthermore, it is far more price tag-helpful and can be ordered in bulk.

For instance, a bag containing 320 ounces of white rice (additional than 200 normal servings) expenses much less than $9 USD at Walmart. A similarly-sized bag of brown rice is not readily available at the retailer. Instead, a 32-ounce bag (about 20 servings) costs $1.37 USD.

To purchase the exact volume of brown rice as provided in the bulk bag of white rice, you’d need to have to purchase 10 32-ounce luggage for additional than $13, plus tax.

Hence, it’s significant that we accept the roles and gains of white rice as a cultural staple in a number of nutritional designs and as an very affordable different to other grains.

We want to build a further being familiar with of ways to use this staple food items as component of a wholesome diet and life style.

This write-up describes the added benefits of white rice and means to love it by means of balanced nutrition.

The scientific investigation on white rice’s association with several wellness results has been inconsistent.

For occasion, some analysis implies that white rice is related with the advancement of kind 2 diabetes among the Asian gals when eaten in “extreme” amounts — but “extreme” is not effectively-described with respect to the total of white rice consumed each day.

In other research, white rice that has been cooked and cooled just before intake in a human clinical review reduced blood sugar spikes soon after a food.

This occurred simply because cooking the white rice then refrigerating it for 24 hours in advance of reheating activated its resistant starch — a kind of non-digestible carbohydrate that confers positive aspects for gut overall health and blood sugar administration.

Listed here is how 1 cup (158 grams) of cooked parboiled white rice compares to 1 cup (155 grams) cooked parboiled brown rice:

White rice presents less energy, much less grams of carbs, extra fat, and dietary fiber, and considerably less of the mineral phosphorus, but comparable protein and selenium compared with brown rice.

On the other hand, it is richer in the B vitamin niacin than brown rice.

This details exhibits that white rice offers some dietary rewards. Take into account pairing it with meals rich in nutritional fiber and minerals to raise the dietary profile of your meal.

Discover additional about the differences among white and brown rice here.


White rice is not inherently inferior to brown rice, despite myths. It gives nutritional rewards, such as some minerals. It is minimal in fiber, fats, and energy, and can be paired with fiber-prosperous food items to improve a meal’s nutritional profile.

Below are 8 healthful techniques to take pleasure in white rice.

1. With peas and beans

Peas and beans are rich in nutritional fiber, anti-oxidants, and other wellbeing-marketing compounds shown to strengthen blood sugar, cholesterol amounts, and blood pressure.

Furthermore, when peas and beans are paired with rice — like white rice — a entire protein is formed. A full protein is 1 that supplies all 9 critical amino acids in ample amounts.

This is an primarily significant food items combination for men and women who abide by a vegetarian or vegan nutritional sample, since most full proteins are animal-centered food items.

Love white rice with stewed lentil peas, dhal (split peas), or a black bean chili.

Study far more about comprehensive protein sources for individuals who try to eat plant-primarily based in this article.

2. Vegetable rice

Like peas and beans, non-starchy vegetables are rich in dietary fiber. When bundled in a vegetable rice dish, they can aid make up for the decreased fiber written content of white rice.

Veggies also incorporate nutrition like calcium, vitamin C, iron, and folate that assistance reduce cholesterol and blood sugar ranges and may possibly lessen the risk of some forms of cancers.

Examples involve carrot rice, spinach rice, and pumpkin rice.

3. Balanced with veggies and meat

A great way to develop a meal working with white rice is subsequent the well balanced MyPlate method advised by the United States Section of Agriculture (USDA).

Beneath this guideline, about half your plate must be crammed with non-starchy veggies and fruit, a quarter of your plate with protein like meat, fish or poultry, and a quarter with grains like white rice.

This process encourages overall flexibility and a variety of vitamins to be relished while also assisting you take in aware servings of white rice.

Serve a quarter-plate of white rice with a fifty percent-plate of cooked spinach and a quarter-plate of grilled fish for a swift, balanced supper meal.

4. In a 1-pot dish

It is impractical to get pleasure from all foods in the MyPlate process advised earlier mentioned, as is the scenario with a person-pot meals.

Nonetheless, these can however be a wholesome and healthy way to take in white rice.

Pair one-pot dishes like pelau — a Caribbean dish made with caramelized chicken, rice, pigeon peas, herbs, spices, and greens — with an further facet of non-starchy greens like carrot coleslaw or tossed salad.

Other rice-based a person-pot dishes, these types of as casseroles or South Indian recipes like sambar rice, can also be accompanied with a facet of non-starchy greens for a enhance of filling nutritional fiber.

5. Vegetarian rice bowls

Rice bowls are really well known in Asian, Persian, and Spanish cultures.

The rice may be topped with beans, vegetables like lettuce, onions, and olives, avocados for balanced fats, and sauces or gravies for taste.

Mainly because rice bowls use so several components, that often indicates you’ll use scaled-down portions of just about every food, which includes rice, to build home for a range of other food teams.

The inclusion of fat like avocado or olive oil-primarily based dressings stimulate the absorption of unwanted fat-soluble natural vitamins like vitamins A, D, E and K, and may well assistance heart wellbeing by reducing minimal density lipoprotein (LDL or “bad”) cholesterol.

6. Lean meat burrito bowl

In some cultures, rice bowls are also identified as burrito bowls.

Well-known burrito toppings include lettuce, purple onions, celery, or a mixture of other non-starchy veggies, corn, black beans, and cooked chicken, beef, pork, or plant-primarily based proteins like tofu and tempeh.

If you’re producing a burrito bowl that employs meat, select lean cuts to lower saturated body fat consumption. Investigate demonstrates that a reasonable consumption of lean, fresh new crimson meats is related with reduce blood stress in comparison with substantial-extra fat meats.

Consider topping your rice bowl with a Mongolian beef or smoked pork recipe for a burst of flavor.

7. With fish

Consuming fish at least twice for every week is involved with advantages for heart, nerve, and liver wellness.

In addition, fish is an important source of protein, anti-oxidants, and anti-inflammatory nutrition, which includes the coronary heart-welcoming omega-3 fatty acids.

Consider curry fish, blackened creole fish with white rice, or a tuna fish and rice casserole. Really don’t forget about to contain a new or cooked non-starchy vegetable facet dish for fiber and wellness-selling included vitamins.

8. Stuffed in bell peppers

A clever way to get pleasure from white rice and vegetables in a wholesome and filling but straightforward dish is by producing stuffed bell peppers.

Bell peppers comprise capsaicin, which is a phytochemical compound with opportunity benefits from cancer improvement.

This energetic compound in bell peppers has also demonstrated anti-inflammatory, blood sugar-reducing, anti-fungal, antioxidant, and other advantageous qualities for human wellbeing.


Pair white rice with peas and beans, lean cuts of meat, fish, and greens to make well balanced and nutritious dishes. White rice can also be loved in a single-pot meals like pelau and sambar rice or in rice bowls and stuffed bell peppers.