A Beginner Arms Workout That Targets Every Part of Your Biceps and Triceps

Want to bolster your arms, but aren’t accurately certain where to commence? This rookie arms workout is just what you require to add to your routine—and it only has 4 moves.

Your arms in fact consist of a bunch of unique muscles, like your biceps (muscle tissue together the entrance of your higher arm), triceps (the back again of your higher arm), deltoids (shoulders), brachioradialis (forearm muscle tissues), and rotator cuff (little muscle tissue in the back of your shoulder). Making strength in these muscle mass is critical for pushing and pulling—both in day to day life, like when pushing a door open or pulling it closed, and in your energy education routines, this kind of as when you carry out an overhead press or a row.

“With each and every movement, you are making use of those more compact arms muscles—the biceps and triceps—as components to help you to conduct greater movements,” ACE-certified personalized trainer Sivan Fagan, CPT, operator of Robust With Sivan, tells SELF.

That implies if you’re looking to operate your arms, you really don’t essentially will need to concentrate only on “arms physical exercises.” Compound movements—exercises that operate additional than a single muscle team throughout a number of joints—can also hit your arms muscular tissues, too. And if you are a newbie, including some of these exercises can give a bigger bang for your work out buck. That is why the starter arms exercise routine Fagan developed for SELF underneath contains some compound moves, far too.

Get, for occasion, the overhead press. When you push the weights above your head, you are principally doing the job your shoulders, but your triceps and the higher section of your upper body muscle groups come in to aid the shift. And with a row, your lats and rhomboids are really doing the job, but your biceps fireplace much too to enable comprehensive the physical exercise. So with these compound moves, when you’re certainly doing the job your arms muscles, you are also hitting other greater muscle tissues as properly.

Then you can increase isolation moves—exercises that use just one joint and concentrate on a smaller sized area—to the blend to actually double down on the arms perform. For instance, the hammer curl genuinely targets your forearms, which are generally a minimal weaker than your biceps, whereas the wide-grip biceps curl will work on the inner portion of your biceps. By combining compound movements and isolation exercises, you are obtaining a truly in depth exercise session focused on strengthening just about every aspect of your arm in just 4 moves.

Just before you start off this arms training, it is important that you heat up your body—especially your shoulder joints and your shoulder blades—beforehand. Exercise routines like the open up-and-shut guide, (the place you lie on your facet and absolutely extend your arm up to the ceiling and then to the ground on the opposite facet of your system) are terrific approaches to do this, claims Fagan. You can also grab a resistance band and try this higher-overall body heat-up!

This rookie-helpful workout will kickstart your arms plan. Prepared to give it a go? Collect your dumbbells and study on for the directions.

The Exercise

What you want: A pair of gentle dumbbells. Because you will be working the same muscle tissues with little to no relaxation amongst exercises, you may want to choose out for a lighter pounds than what you would normally use. While the fat will range depending on your expertise and health and fitness amount, 5-8 pounds can be a great commencing selection.

Exercise routines:

  • Kneeling overhead push
  • Bent-above row to triceps kickback
  • Hammer curl
  • Vast-grip biceps curl


  • Complete every workout for 45 seconds, capturing to carry out as quite a few good quality reps as achievable. Gradual down if you sense your sort starting to falter. Test not to relaxation concerning moves.
  • Right after completing all 4 routines, relaxation for 60 seconds. Complete four rounds whole.

Demoing the moves beneath are Alex Orr (GIF 1), a non-diet plan NASM-licensed private coach and CNC, and host of The Birdie and the Bees podcast Francine Delgado-Lugo (GIF 2), cofounder of Type Exercise Brooklyn Gail Barranda Rivas (GIF 3), a licensed team conditioning teacher, purposeful power mentor, Pilates and yoga teacher, and domestic and international health and fitness presenter and Denise Harris (GIF 4), a NASM-certified own coach and Pilates teacher dependent in New York City.