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Which vitamin K supplement is finest?

Vitamin K is a excess fat-soluble vitamin. Its principal functions consist of supporting healthy bones, pores and skin and smooth tissues, boosting calcium absorption and dashing up wound healing.

When picking out a vitamin K health supplement, often pick one particular that supplies very absorbable vitamin K to your human body. California Gold Nourishment Liposomal Vitamin K2 and D3 provides efficient delivery of the vitamin to the bones and gentle tissues.

What to know in advance of you obtain a vitamin K supplement


Although there are various kinds of vitamin K, the two major types are vitamin K1 and vitamin K2. Vitamin K1 can be found in leafy eco-friendly veggies, while vitamin K2 is located in fermented meals and animal products and solutions. The change amongst these two styles of vitamin K is their absorption and transport to the tissues. Whilst vitamin K1 is badly absorbed in the body, not a great deal is acknowledged about the absorption charge of vitamin K2, even though it’s considered that the latter is better absorbed. When picking your vitamin K health supplement, you can come across both of these types readily available, so you can opt for the alternative you favor.

Positive aspects

Vitamin K plays a vital role in blood clotting and strengthening of the bones because it can help the overall body create prothrombin, which is vital for blood clotting and bone fat burning capacity. Though most adults are not at chance of vitamin K deficiency, newborns and folks with malabsorption troubles may possibly have reduced concentrations of vitamin K. 

Apart from its perform in bone overall health and blood clotting, vitamin K is also critical in heart wellness. For occasion, vitamin K could decreased your blood tension through mineralization, preventing the buildup of minerals in the arteries.


Most men and women get the vitamin K they have to have from their eating plan, and the advised day-to-day allowance ranges from as minimal as 4 milligrams in young children to as higher as 19 milligrams in lactating women of all ages. If you have to take a vitamin K supplement, guarantee the sum in the formulation satisfies your advisable every day need.

What to glimpse for in a top quality vitamin K supplement

Drug interactions

Taking vitamin K with blood thinners, cholesterol-reducing medicines or fat loss medicine can direct to complications. For instance, a blood thinner like warfarin can lower the clotting capability of vitamin K. Bodyweight decline prescription drugs and cholesterol-reducing remedies have been joined with the depletion of vitamin K, so you could have to just take a vitamin K supplement if you are using any of these medications.


If you’ve had a stroke in the previous or you are susceptible to blood clots, consult your doctor right before getting vitamin K. If you’re expecting, don’t just take far more than your advisable every day allowance of vitamin K. 


Vitamin K is out there as a complement in distinctive kinds. If you want to evaluate the specific amount of money of vitamin K you intend to acquire, employing the powder type is a good way to get it correct. Nonetheless, numerous folks desire the benefit of products or capsules. In oil kind, you can use vitamin K as a topical solution and skin moisturizer.

Supplemental components

Some vitamin K supplements may well incorporate elements that you could want to restrict in your diet regime. For example, some solutions include gelatin, silicon dioxide or soy, which could result in undesirable facet consequences. Some health supplements consist of other vitamins like calcium, vitamin C and vitamin D3. Check the components to make positive you are finding the formulation you want.

How a lot you can hope to shell out on a vitamin K complement

Count on to spend 14-30 cents per tablet for capsules of vitamin K. Vitamin K health supplements that include other nutritional vitamins like D3 can price tag up to $1 per pill. If you select to purchase liquid vitamin K, count on to pay $20-$40 for a 1-ounce bottle.

Vitamin K health supplement FAQ

Are there any pitfalls when taking a each day vitamin K health supplement?

A. Taking vitamin K daily for up to 2 years is risk-free for the reason that, as opposed to other fats-soluble natural vitamins, vitamin K does not accumulate to toxic degrees in the entire body, even when taken in extra amounts. As a substitute, it is damaged down quickly and eliminated by urine or stool.

Are there any acknowledged drug interactions with vitamin K supplements?

A. Vitamin K interacts with a lot of medicine, which include antacids, blood thinners and antibiotics. Before you commence using a vitamin K nutritional supplement, focus on it with your medical doctor.

What’s the greatest vitamin K health supplement to buy?

Prime vitamin K supplement

Best California Gold Nutrition Liposomal Vitamin K2 and D3

California Gold Nourishment Liposomal Vitamin K2 and D3

What you want to know: The liposomal components of this supplement will make it extremely bioavailable. 

What you will enjoy: With additional vitamin D3, you get an further boost when it comes to bone overall health and a healthy immune process. The capsules really do not consist of gelatin, so they are suitable for vegetarians. 

What you need to consider: The D3 is dervived from lanolin, so isn’t vegan-pleasant. 

Where by to purchase: Bought by iHerb

Prime vitamin K health supplement for the money

Now Foods Vitamin K2

Now Foods Vitamin K2

What you require to know: Formulated with the powerful vitamin K2, this complement aids manage your bone, cardiovascular and anxious method wellbeing.

What you will like: It is free of gluten, soy and wheat. The health supplement is created in a GMP-certified facility, so it’s manufactured to meet the highest typical of purity and quality.

What you must look at: The shade of some of the softgel capsules may vary marginally, but this is fully ordinary.

Where to invest in: Sold by iHerb 

Value examining out

Best Thorne Vitamin K2 Liquid

Thorne Vitamin K2 Liquid 

What you want to know: These vitamin K liquid drops are designed to preserve optimal bone and coronary heart well being.

What you are going to enjoy: Each fall consists of 1 milligram of K2. It comes from a trusted vitamin producer that focuses on the high-quality and purity of its nutritional supplements. 

What you ought to consider: It’s highly-priced compared to other K2 dietary supplements. 

Where to buy: Offered by Amazon

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