Eliquis and interactions: Supplements, alcohol, and more

Eliquis (apixaban) is a brand-title prescription drug. It is employed to help protect against or deal with blood clots in selected conditions. As with other medicines, Eliquis can interact with food and specified other drugs. It can also interact with some dietary supplements.

For aspects about Eliquis’s interactions, retain looking through. For more details about Eliquis, together with particulars about its uses, see this report.

What’s an interaction?

An conversation happens when a single material leads to an additional compound to have a different result than anticipated. For illustration, often alcohol, a supplement, or a further drug can have an impact on how a drug acts in your entire body. Other moments, a drug may well improve the way these substances act in your program. Interactions with a drug can also take place if you have certain problems.

To help prevent interactions with Eliquis or any drug, speak with your doctor and pharmacist. Notify them whether you drink liquor and which drugs and health supplements you acquire.

In some cases, a aspect or ailment could avert your medical professional from prescribing Eliquis due to the hazard of hurt. This is acknowledged as a contraindication. The contraindications of Eliquis include things like:

If you have active bleeding

Lively bleeding refers to existing bleeding, such as a bleeding ulcer. If you have lively bleeding, medical doctors usually will not prescribe Eliquis. This is because the drug could bring about major bleeding, which could worsen any bleeding you currently have. Your physician can propose other solutions that may possibly be superior for your problem.

If you have experienced an allergic response to Eliquis or any of its components

If you have experienced an allergic response to Eliquis or any of its elements, your medical doctor will possible not prescribe Eliquis. You can request them about other treatments that could be improved alternatives for you.

Be aware: Prior to you begin cure with Eliquis, it’s significant to convey to your health practitioner if these contraindications utilize to you. They can decide no matter if to prescribe the drug.

There is no recognised interaction concerning Eliquis and liquor.

Nevertheless, both alcoholic beverages and Eliquis can enhance your possibility of bleeding. (The two substances may well avoid blood from clotting.) This signifies that consuming alcoholic beverages even though getting Eliquis could boost your threat of bleeding even further.

If you eat liquor, converse with your health practitioner. They can suggest you on no matter if there’s a harmless quantity to drink whilst using Eliquis.

Prior to you start out treatment with Eliquis, tell your medical professional and pharmacist which prescription, around-the-counter, and other drugs you choose. By sharing this info with them, you could assist stop attainable interactions.

If you have concerns about drug interactions that may perhaps impact you, ask your physician or pharmacist.

Here’s a chart of prescription drugs that can interact with Eliquis. Doctors may perhaps not prescribe Eliquis with these drugs. Maintain in brain that this chart does not contain all medicine that may interact with Eliquis. Some of these interactions are described in element just beneath in the “Drug interactions in depth” segment.

* For additional data about the aspect consequences of Eliquis, see this write-up.
† To discover more, see “Certain antidepressant drugs” in the “Drug interactions in depth” section below.

Here’s a nearer seem at specified drug interactions of Eliquis.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory prescription drugs

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory prescription drugs (NSAIDs) are a type of discomfort reliever. They’re generally used to deal with soreness and irritation.

Conversation outcome. Getting Eliquis with NSAIDs can boost the hazard of bleeding.

Interaction explained. Eliquis operates by blocking the motion of a specified clotting element known as variable Xa. (A clotting aspect is a compound that helps your blood clot.) By blocking the action, Eliquis helps make your blood considerably less most likely to clot or assists reduce a blood clot you now have from receiving larger sized. This approach can enhance your risk of bleeding.

NSAIDs can protect against platelets (a type of purple blood mobile) from clumping alongside one another to kind blood clots. By influencing the course of action that will help blood clots form, NSAIDs can also enhance your risk of bleeding.

Taking Eliquis and NSAIDs alongside one another can additional increase your hazard of bleeding.

Illustrations of NSAIDs. In this article are some NSAIDs that might interact with Eliquis:

Actions you or your medical professional may well choose. Quite a few NSAIDs are readily available more than the counter (OTC), which means you can order them with out a prescription. Right before taking any OTC items with Eliquis, converse with your medical doctor or pharmacist. They’ll make sure these products do not incorporate NSAIDs that could interact with Eliquis.

If your doctor determines that it is risk-free for you to get an NSAID with Eliquis, explain to them proper absent if you have indicators of bleeding. Examples include things like bloody stool or urine, coughing up blood, and unexplained bruising.

Thrombolytic prescription drugs

Thrombolytic medication are normally termed “clot busters.” They are prescription drugs applied to dissolve blood clots. Thrombolytics are ordinarily applied in unexpected emergency circumstances, these types of as dissolving a blood clot that’s affecting the brain or coronary heart.

Interaction end result. Taking Eliquis with a thrombolytic can boost the hazard of bleeding.

Conversation defined. Eliquis functions by blocking the motion of a specific clotting variable termed component Xa. By blocking the action, Eliquis makes your blood considerably less likely to clot or will help avert a blood clot you at present have from finding larger. This approach can maximize your danger of bleeding.

Thrombolytic drugs are utilized to dissolve blood clots. By dissolving the clots, thrombolytics also raise your danger of bleeding.

When Eliquis and a thrombolytic are taken jointly, your possibility of bleeding can increase.

Illustrations of thrombolytic medicine. Below are some thrombolytic medicines that might interact with Eliquis:

  • alteplase (Activase)
  • reteplase (Retavase)
  • tenecteplase (TNKase)

Methods you or your medical doctor may possibly take. Owing to this threat, medical professionals generally will not prescribe thrombolytic medications in combination with Eliquis. If you acquire a blood clot while getting Eliquis, your medical professional can recommend you on the correct procedure. They may perhaps boost your Eliquis dosage. (For details about Eliquis’ dosage, see this short article.) Or they might switch you from Eliquis to a distinctive drug, these types of as heparin.

Specific antidepressant medication

Antidepressants are made use of to take care of depression. Eliquis may possibly interact with two classes of antidepressants:

Interaction consequence. Taking Eliquis with an SSRI or SNRI can raise the chance of bleeding.

Interaction spelled out. Eliquis is effective by blocking the motion of a particular clotting aspect termed issue Xa. By blocking the motion, Eliquis can make your blood fewer very likely to clot or aids reduce a blood clot you presently have from receiving much larger. This process can increase your possibility of bleeding.

SSRIs and SNRIs have an impact on chemicals in the body named serotonin and norepinephrine. These chemical compounds assistance platelets team jointly to variety blood clots. By influencing serotonin and norepinephrine, SSRIs and SNRIs can prevent platelets from grouping collectively. This increases your threat of bleeding.

When Eliquis is taken with an SSRI or SNRI, your chance of bleeding can raise even further.

Examples of antidepressant medication. Right here are some SSRIs that may perhaps interact with Eliquis:

Listed here are some SNRIs that could interact with Eliquis:

Methods you or your medical doctor might acquire. In advance of having Eliquis, be certain your medical doctor knows if you’re having an antidepressant. They can recommend you on regardless of whether it is risk-free for you to get these medicines jointly.

If your medical doctor does prescribe Eliquis with an antidepressant, look at for achievable signs of bleeding. These can incorporate unexplained bleeding, bloody urine or stool, and coughing up blood. If you establish signs, tell your health practitioner appropriate away. They can instruct you on how to deal with this facet impact.

Eliquis may possibly have other interactions, this sort of as with nutritional supplements, food items, vaccines, or even lab checks. You are going to discover details beneath.

Eliquis interactions with health supplements

Right before you commence treatment method with Eliquis, explain to your physician and pharmacist which health supplements, herbs, and vitamins you choose. By sharing this details with them, you may well assist protect against attainable interactions.

If you have thoughts about drug interactions that could have an affect on you, communicate with your health care provider or pharmacist.

Eliquis and herbs

Eliquis may possibly interact with an herb referred to as St. John’s wort. Taking Eliquis with this dietary supplement could make Eliquis much less powerful than standard.

Eliquis and nutritional vitamins

There have not been any distinct reviews of nutritional vitamins interacting with Eliquis. Nevertheless, it is continue to crucial to speak with your doctor or pharmacist just before taking any of these items during Eliquis remedy.

Eliquis interactions with foods

It is possible that grapefruit and grapefruit juice may possibly interact with Eliquis. Using the medication with grapefruit products could elevate the amount of Eliquis in your system. This may raise your hazard of bleeding.

If you’d like to study a lot more about ingesting grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice during treatment with Eliquis, discuss with your medical doctor.

Eliquis and vaccines

No particular interactions between vaccines and Eliquis have been noted. If you have issues about acquiring vaccines through Eliquis treatment method, talk with your health practitioner or pharmacist.

Eliquis and lab checks

Lab checks have not been claimed to interact with Eliquis. If you’d like to understand a lot more about acquiring certain lab assessments even though you acquire Eliquis, speak with your medical doctor or pharmacist.

Eliquis and cannabis or CBD

Cannabis (cannabis) and cannabis products, these kinds of as cannabidiol (CBD), have not been especially reported to interact with Eliquis. However, as with any drug or complement, discuss with your physician right before using hashish in mixture with Eliquis. The affect of hashish may well have an impact on how properly you adhere to your Eliquis therapy program.

Notice: Hashish is unlawful at a federal amount, but is legal in several states to various degrees.

Specific health care circumstances and other things might maximize the danger of interactions with Eliquis. Prior to you consider Eliquis, be sure to discuss with your medical doctor about your wellness heritage. Eliquis may well not be the ideal procedure solution for you if you have sure medical conditions or other aspects impacting your well being.

Overall health conditions or components that could interact with Eliquis involve:

  • Coronary heart valve. Your medical doctor is unlikely to prescribe Eliquis if you have experienced a heart valve substitute. The drug may not be harmless to consider in this case. If you have had a coronary heart valve replacement, your medical professional can endorse a unique procedure.
  • Lively bleeding. If you have active bleeding, these types of as a bleeding ulcer, your health care provider will not prescribe Eliquis. For specifics, see the “When to steer clear of Eliquis” section earlier mentioned.
  • Liver problems. If you have severe liver complications, these kinds of as cirrhosis, your health practitioner may not prescribe Eliquis. It is unidentified irrespective of whether the drug is risk-free for folks with intense liver complications. Your medical doctor can propose a distinct cure selection alternatively.
  • Kidney challenges. Your threat of aspect results with Eliquis may maximize if your kidneys do not operate as nicely as they need to. Before setting up Eliquis remedy, make guaranteed your medical doctor is aware irrespective of whether you have kidney problems. They may possibly prescribe a reduce dosage of Eliquis than typical.
  • Prepared surgical procedures. Your danger of bleeding may maximize with certain surgical procedures. Bleeding is also a common facet outcome of Eliquis. Having surgical procedure whilst you’re having Eliquis could even more increase your hazard of bleeding. For this cause, your medical doctor may well have you cease taking Eliquis for a several days right before a prepared surgical procedures. This need to lessen your chance of bleeding with the surgery.
  • Triple-constructive antiphospholipid syndrome. Your medical professional may perhaps not prescribe Eliquis if you have triple-beneficial antiphospholipid syndrome (APS). This ailment leads to blood clots. Eliquis can enhance the danger of blood clots in persons with APS. For this rationale, if you have triple-favourable APS, your health practitioner will very likely suggest a treatment method other than Eliquis.
  • Being pregnant. It is not known regardless of whether Eliquis is harmless to choose while pregnant. For information about using Eliquis during being pregnant, see this write-up.
  • Breastfeeding. It’s not acknowledged whether Eliquis passes into breast milk or if the drug will cause aspect outcomes in a breastfed little one. For additional information and facts about using Eliquis while breastfeeding, see this write-up.
  • Allergic response. If you’ve experienced an allergic response to Eliquis or any of its substances, your physician will most likely not prescribe Eliquis. You can question them about other treatment plans that could be better possibilities for you.

In this article are some regularly questioned questions about Eliquis and feasible interactions.

Does Eliquis interact with Tylenol?

There are not any acknowledged interactions concerning Eliquis and acetaminophen (Tylenol).

Nevertheless, other above-the-counter (OTC) ache relievers are acknowledged to interact with Eliquis. This incorporates nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory prescription drugs (NSAIDs), such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) and naproxen (Aleve, Naprosyn). Having Eliquis with an NSAID can raise the chance of bleeding. For facts, see the “Drug interactions in depth” segment above.

In advance of taking any OTC prescription drugs through your Eliquis treatment, discuss with your health practitioner or pharmacist. They’ll make guaranteed these drugs are safe to take with Eliquis.

Is there an interaction amongst Eliquis and testosterone?

Eliquis and testosterone are not regarded to interact with each individual other.

However, there have been experiences of an elevated risk of blood clots with the use of testosterone goods. Eliquis is utilised to support prevent or take care of blood clots in sure predicaments. Hence, it is doable that getting Eliquis with testosterone could make Eliquis a lot less effective than common.

Ahead of commencing Eliquis procedure, be absolutely sure your medical professional is aware of whether or not you’re utilizing any testosterone products. They can suggest you on no matter if Eliquis is a harmless selection for you.

Do Eliquis and Xanax interact with just about every other?

There’s no acknowledged interaction between Eliquis and alprazolam (Xanax).

Xanax is a drug that’s used to handle stress problems and stress and anxiety. Medical practitioners may recommend benzodiazepines (these as Xanax) for people acquiring hip or knee operation. The remedies could be prescribed along with Eliquis.

It is critical to talk with your doctor ahead of getting Eliquis with Xanax. They can see whether these medicines are correct for you.

You can get selected techniques to enable stop interactions with Eliquis. Your doctor and pharmacist are essential assets, so access out to them right before setting up procedure. For case in point, you should really system the subsequent:

  • Enable them know if you consume alcohol or consider cannabis.
  • Explain to them about any other prescription drugs and nutritional supplements you consider.
  • Make a medicine record, which your health care provider and pharmacist can support you fill out.

It’s also critical to examine the label of Eliquis and other paperwork that will come with the drug. The label may have colored stickers that point out an conversation. And the paperwork, occasionally referred to as the prescribing data, could contain particulars about interactions. If this facts is complicated to have an understanding of, ask your medical doctor or pharmacist to support reveal it.

You can also help stop interactions with Eliquis by getting it specifically as your health practitioner prescribes.

Apart from discovering about interactions, you may possibly want to uncover out extra about Eliquis. These sources may assistance:

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