Group helps homeless people keep their pets healthy | Local News

David Lopéz spends his nights on cold city streets just trying to get by.

Luckily for him, he doesn’t have to do it alone, thanks to a loving four-legged companion who follows him wherever he goes.

“He’s really everything to me,” Lopéz said about Soldier, his sturdy red-nosed pit bull.


Brandon Tadlock gets licked by his dog Annie outside of Target on Thursday afternoon. Brandon Tadlock has benefited from the Street Homeless Animal Project with help with veterinarian bills for Annie and other pet expenses. Now Tadlock helps the group with outreach.


Karen Cain, creator and executive director of the Street Homeless Animal Project, visits with Annie on Thursday afternoon. Cain and her team help homeless people with their animals’ needs, ranging from veterinary bills to food to sweaters in the winter months.


David Lopez hugs his 4-year-old pit bull, Soldier, when speaking Thursday night in Santa Fe of his connection to his dog that he said has become more like a family member.


Annie Bone Annie, or simply Annie, a nearly 7-year-old pit bull looks up with her toy moose while she accompanies her owner, Brandon Tadlock, on Thursday afternoon in Santa Fe. Annie has benefited from the help of the Street Homeless Animal Project. the group paid the veterinary bill when she needed a skin tag removed from her eye as well as other expenses.