Most and Least Expensive Dog Breeds: Costs and Details

Most Pricey Doggy Breeds

The greater the pet, the better its regular bills will be. Most giant breeds dwell only 8 to 10 a long time, so the total ownership value is reduce than significant breeds that stay lengthier. Taking daily life expectancy into account, below are the five canine breeds with the best whole ownership prices*.

  • Giant schnauzer: $34,410 in excess of 14 decades
  • Goldendoodle: $32,675 around 13 decades
  • Tibetan mastiff: $32,485 over 11 yrs
  • Black Russian terrier: $30,200 in excess of 11 several years
  • Labradoodle: $29,475 above 13 several years

Large Schnauzer

This breed is only “giant” in comparison to other schnauzers. Grown ups generally weigh 55 to 80 kilos but are extremely active and may well require up to 4 cups of foodstuff per working day. You can be expecting to commit $290 for each 12 months on food and $345 on treats. Giant schnauzers are quite clever but sturdy-willed and may perhaps become destructive when bored. So, they have to have a great deal of workout and psychological stimulation. You will will need to commit on toys and instruction to assistance with this.

Giant schnauzer puppies are difficult to locate and price tag an common of $2,500. 1st-12 months charges for this breed, such as materials, coaching and vet visits, are about $5,940. Grooming is a different substantial cost: A large schnauzer has a double coat that should be hand-stripped each four to six months. Hope to pay about $650 per year for grooming.

Big schnauzers are commonly relatively nutritious, even though hip and joint complications, thyroiditis, and squamous cell carcinoma are feasible. Vet visits will charge an regular of $675 for every year, moreover any emergencies.

Big schnauzers value an average of $2,190 for every 12 months of adult lifestyle. Looking at initially-year expenditures and a lifespan of 14 years, that’s about $34,410, earning the large schnauzer the most costly breed on our list.


It might surprise you to see this combined breed on our list, but due to the fact the goldendoodle is a designer breed combining a golden retriever with a standard poodle, it is quite costly. Puppies are quick to locate, but a liable breeder who understands how to pair puppies to reduced the chance of hereditary health issues will demand about $2,000 for a goldendoodle. 

Meals prices about as substantially as it would for a giant schnauzer, about $290 for every 12 months, as each breeds are comparable in dimension and strength ranges.

Goldendoodles really do not get rid of substantially, but they’ll will need regular haircuts totaling about $710 every year. They are moderately healthful, but like several large breeds, they are inclined to hip and elbow dysplasia. These genetic disorders can bring about arthritis, joint agony and even paralysis. So assume to spend about $675 per calendar year on vet expenditures.

To start with-calendar year charges for a goldendoodle puppy typical about $5,675, and you can assume to spend around $2,250 every year just after that. About an normal daily life expectancy of 13 several years, this comes to about $32,675.

Tibetan Mastiff

The first really huge breed on our list, Tibetan mastiffs are substantial, tricky-working guard dogs that can weigh up to 160 pounds. They consume 4 to 6 cups of meals for each day, or about 430 lbs for each calendar year, totaling $390 every year additionally another $345 for treats. 

Another significant standard expenditure is skilled grooming at about $900 per yr. Mastiffs’ thick double coats form a lion-like mane about their neck and shoulders, which produces a putting visual appearance but demands frequent grooming to keep on being mat- and tangle-no cost.

Tibetan mastiffs are a relatively exceptional breed. A dog can charge everywhere from $1,800 to $4,500, even though the ordinary is $2,500. In 2011, a Tibetan mastiff named Major Splash bought for $1.5 million — at the time, the most high-priced pet dog at any time bought.

Even if you decide for a rescue puppy with $500 in adoption costs, you will nevertheless require to pay out yearly clinical costs of about $750. Hip and elbow dysplasia and other orthopedic circumstances are fears, as are hypothyroidism and canine inherited demyelinating neuropathy.

Full first-12 months fees for a Tibetan mastiff puppy dog insert up to $6,235 due to the fact they expense so significantly to purchase and grow so quickly. These puppies also have the best ordinary annually adult charges at about $2,625. Even so, considering that they are living only about 11 many years, their all round price is $32,485, marginally decreased than the goldendoodle.

Black Russian Terrier

The black Russian terrier is very similar to the Tibetan mastiff in that it is a giant breed with a large yearly expense and a quick existence span. It’s also unusual, with puppies costing close to $2,000. You can be expecting to spend about $5,750 in the 1st year of ownership amongst foodstuff, education, healthcare bills and further-significant supplies.

Grownup black Russian terriers can weigh up to 140 pounds and eat about $380 well worth of meals annually. Grooming their extended double coats isn’t fairly as tricky as a Tibetan mastiff, but you are going to still pay back about $730 per year for experienced grooming. Black Russian terriers are quite healthful, but there’s nonetheless the probable for elbow and hip dysplasia and an eye ailment referred to as progressive retinal apathy. Assume to pay back about $750 for every calendar year in clinical expenses.

Overall, an adult black Russian terrier prices about $2,445 for every 12 months, totaling $30,200 over an 11-12 months everyday living span.


A different hybrid breed rounds out our top five, many thanks to the relatively higher rate of puppies (about $1,550) and extended daily life span. For the reason that this combine of labrador retriever and normal poodle is a designer breed, there aren’t several in shelters. You are going to very likely require to discover a breeder and potentially join a waiting around checklist. Hope to pay about $225 for the 1st 12 months of foodstuff and $255 for each yr for food right after that.

Labradors occur in a variety of coat textures and lengths, so grooming requirements depend on the unique labradoodle’s parentage but normal about $650 for each calendar year. Most labradoodles increase to about 50 to 65 kilos, however some are bred smaller sized. Hip and elbow dysplasia are prospective well being worries, as are epilepsy, diabetes and progressive retinal apathy. That explained, labradoodles are likely to attain some overall health advantages from their hybrid genetics, so health-related costs will be about $625 for every calendar year.

A labradoodle puppy fees about $4,695 in the initial yr of possession and $2,065 for just about every subsequent 12 months. Assuming a lifespan of 13 many years, this breed has a overall possession value of about $29,475.