Mum left outraged as family members claim her post-pregnancy body is ‘enormous’

A new mum has been left furious after her grandmother told her aunt that her post-pregnancy body looks ‘enormous’, eight months after she welcomed her first child

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The woman’s family called her ‘enormous’ (stock photo)

Going through a pregnancy can be a lot for your body to handle, and although there’s pressure put on women to hit the gym and lose weight almost immediately after giving birth, that’s not actually the experience that most women have.

In fact, it’s perfectly normal for women who have given birth to weigh more than they did before their pregnancy – and no one should be shamed for their body shape.

But one woman on Mumsnet has been left outraged after she recently heard her grandmother call her “enormous” during a conversation with her aunt just eight months after welcoming her first child.

The new mum said she has only just gotten back into running after giving birth and insisted she is “proud” of where she’s at with her health journey as she’s been “finding confidence” in her body after previously practising dangerous eating habits.

She had given birth eight months ago (stock photo)


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In her post, she said: “I have an 8-month-old baby. I am just getting back into running post baby. On holiday recently, I returned from a run wearing tight running shorts and a vest, and my grandma said to my aunty – ‘look. isn’t she enormous!’

“I was pretty taken aback, to be honest, and sharply said ‘what do you mean?’ to which she laughed and said nothing.

“I know for a fact I’m not ‘enormous’ as I’m 5’5 and weigh 54kg. However, I have a history of restrictive eating, so I have been much much lighter than this in the past – so probably compared to the stick I used to be maybe I am enormous.

“I’m proud of getting my body to a place where I have been able to have a baby, and had been finding confidence in my new body – but her words ring in my ears and I don’t want it to make me go down the route of restrictive eating again.

“Should I raise it with her and ask what she meant and why she said it? I don’t want to upset her, in every other way she’s lovely and I don’t know why she felt the need to say it. Or should I just work on forgetting and move on? Am I being unreasonable to be annoyed by this?”

Commenters on the Mumsnet post were split, as while some agreed that her grandma’s comments were “horrible”, others said there was no point in mentioning it to her as it would just make the situation worse.

One person said: “That was a horrible thing to say given you’ve had a baby. There is no way that you are enormous, let alone in any way overweight. She should know better at her age! I would definitely say something as she will probably do it again.”

While another added: “I would completely ignore her comment. It was rude, hurtful and inaccurate but she is a very old lady so take the high moral ground.”

And a third wrote: “You’re not being unreasonable to be annoyed, but I’d not mention it.”

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