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Augmentin (amoxicillin/clavulanate potassium) is a brand-name prescription drug made use of to address bacterial bacterial infections. Examples incorporate ear bacterial infections, urinary tract bacterial infections (UTIs), and pneumonia.

As with other medications, Augmentin can interact with sure other prescription drugs. Having said that, the drug is not recognised to interact with alcohol, nutritional supplements, or food items.

For information about Augmentin’s interactions, retain looking through. For more facts about Augmentin, such as information about its takes advantage of, see this write-up.

What’s an conversation?

An conversation occurs when 1 compound will cause another material to have a distinct influence than anticipated. For example, occasionally liquor, a dietary supplement, or a different drug can have an affect on how a drug acts in your body. Other situations, a drug might modify the way these substances act in your process. Interactions with a drug can also arise if you have certain problems.

To support stop interactions with Augmentin or any drug, talk with your physician and pharmacist. Tell them no matter whether you drink alcoholic beverages and which drugs and dietary supplements you acquire.

In some cases, a issue or issue could avert your medical professional from prescribing Augmentin due to the chance of harm. This is recognised as a contraindication. The contraindications of Augmentin involve:

If you have experienced an allergic reaction

Just before taking Augmentin, inform your medical doctor if you’ve had an allergic reaction to Augmentin or its substances in the previous. Also inform them if you’ve had an allergic reaction to any of the subsequent:

Your threat of an allergic reaction with Augmentin may perhaps be increased if you have by now experienced an allergic response to any of the higher than medicines. Be positive to tell your medical doctor if you’ve expert this, and they’ll ascertain regardless of whether Augmentin is secure for you to take.

If you have experienced liver difficulties

Augmentin can hardly ever induce certain liver troubles as facet consequences. Examples include things like:

Your chance of liver problems with Augmentin may be greater if you’ve had liver issues in the previous.

In advance of you commence procedure with Augmentin, it’s significant to convey to your medical doctor if you’ve had liver troubles, specifically with Augmentin in the earlier. They can ascertain whether or not to prescribe this drug for your issue.

There is no identified conversation concerning Augmentin and liquor.

Some antibiotics do interact with liquor, these as Flagyl (metronidazole). Augmentin is a type of antibiotic, but it is not identified to have this interaction.

Even so, hold in brain that drinking alcoholic beverages although taking Augmentin could worsen some of the drug’s aspect results. Illustrations include nausea and vomiting or liver problems. (For aspects about attainable aspect results of Augmentin, see this article.)

If you consume alcoholic beverages, talk with your medical professional right before getting Augmentin. They can recommend regardless of whether you should restrict the amount of alcoholic beverages you drink when taking the drug.

Before you start therapy with Augmentin, inform your physician and pharmacist which prescription, above-the-counter, and other remedies you acquire. By sharing this information with them, you may assist stop possible interactions.

If you have queries about drug interactions that might have an affect on you or what not to get with Augmentin, ask your health care provider or pharmacist.

Here’s a chart of medicines that can interact with Augmentin. Medical doctors generally will not prescribe the below remedies with Augmentin. Continue to keep in thoughts that this chart does not contain all medication that may well interact with Augmentin. Some of these interactions are explained in depth just below in “Drug interactions in depth.”

Here’s a nearer appear at specific drug interactions of Augmentin.


Allopurinol (Lopurin, Zyloprim) is a medication used to address ailments these as gout and kidney stones.

Interaction end result. Getting Augmentin with allopurinol can boost the threat of rash as a side effect of Augmentin.

Interaction stated. It is not known for specified how allopurinol may perhaps improve the risk of rash with Augmentin. It is believed that equally medications have a possibility for rash when taken separately. As a result, taking Augmentin and allopurinol jointly could enhance the hazard of rash even extra.

Actions you or your doctor may well take. Just before taking Augmentin, be absolutely sure your health practitioner understands if you are having allopurinol. They can advise whether or not it is safe for you to take these prescription drugs with each other.

If you do just take Augmentin even though having allopurinol, check out for pores and skin warmth, redness, or discoloration. These are feasible indications of a pores and skin rash. If you have these indicators, explain to your medical professional appropriate absent. They’ll endorse no matter if you ought to retain having Augmentin or allopurinol.

Oral blood thinners

Blood thinners are also regarded as anticoagulants. They are made use of to treat or enable avert blot clots in specific situations.

Interaction end result. Taking Augmentin with blood thinners that you just take by mouth can boost your threat of bleeding.

Interaction described. Oral blood thinners work by blocking specified clotting things in your human body. Clotting variables are substances that support your blood clot. By blocking these factors, oral anticoagulants make your blood much less possible to clot. These medication can also assistance stop a blood clot you at this time have from obtaining larger sized.

1 principle for why this conversation occurs is that Augmentin may well have an affect on micro organism in the gut that support generate clotting things. This can guide to your overall body creating less clotting factors, which will make your blood considerably less probable to clot. And this improves your chance of bleeding.

As a consequence, your hazard of bleeding with oral blood thinners is greater if you just take these medication with Augmentin.

Illustrations of oral blood thinners. Underneath are examples of oral anticoagulants that may well interact with Augmentin:

Actions you or your health practitioner may possibly consider. If you get Augmentin with an oral blood thinner, notify your medical doctor if you have any signs and symptoms of bleeding. Illustrations incorporate:

  • unexplained bruising
  • bleeding from your nose or gums that will take a extensive time to quit
  • bloody stool or urine
  • coughing up blood

Your physician may well also propose specific blood assessments to look at the time it normally takes your blood to kind a clot. This will help them decide if your risk of bleeding may be better when using Augmentin with an oral blood thinner.

Oral start handle

Oral start command refers to medicine taken by mouth to assistance reduce being pregnant.

Conversation outcome. Augmentin can make start control that’s taken by mouth much less powerful.

Interaction explained. Augmentin can affect your body’s potential to take in oral delivery regulate. As a result, your body may not take in plenty of of the beginning command to be successful for avoiding being pregnant.

Examples of oral delivery control medications. Down below are examples of oral birth command drugs that might interact with Augmentin:

  • drospirenone/estetrol (Nextstellis)
  • ethinyl estradiol/norgestimate (Estarylla, Sprintec, other folks)
  • ethinyl estradiol/norethindrone (Aranelle, Gildagia, other folks)

Steps you or your medical professional may possibly choose. If you just take Augmentin with oral birth handle, you can retain having your birth command as your health care provider has instructed. In addition, your health care provider may recommend that you use a backup approach of birth command though you are taking Augmentin. Examples contain applying a condom or diaphragm.

Your health practitioner may well counsel you retain applying a backup method of beginning regulate for at the very least 7 days just after your last dose of Augmentin. This can help make confident your body has experienced time to apparent Augmentin from your process so that your start management can be thoroughly efficient once more.

Augmentin may well have other interactions, these kinds of as with supplements, food items, vaccines, or even lab exams. You are going to uncover particulars underneath.

Augmentin interactions with nutritional supplements

It’s probable for drugs to interact with dietary supplements such as vitamins and herbs.

Augmentin interactions with herbs

There ended up no reports of herbs interacting with Augmentin or Augmentin ES-600. Before having any herbal goods for the duration of Augmentin treatment method, talk with your health care provider or pharmacist. They’ll recommend whether there are any likely interactions concerning Augmentin and these herbs.

Augmentin interactions with vitamins

There had been no studies of vitamins interacting with Augmentin or Augmentin ES-600. Even so, it is nonetheless significant to verify with your medical professional or pharmacist ahead of getting any of these merchandise in the course of Augmentin therapy.

Augmentin interactions with food stuff

There were being no reviews of food items interactions with Augmentin or Augmentin ES-600. If you’d like to learn much more about eating certain food items throughout procedure with Augmentin, chat with your doctor.

Augmentin and vaccines

There ended up no reviews of vaccine interactions with Augmentin or Augmentin ES-600. If you’d like to master a lot more about obtaining specific vaccinations in the course of cure with Augmentin, converse with your medical doctor.

Augmentin interactions with lab exams

Amoxicillin (one particular of the active medicine in Augmentin) might interact with particular urine tests for glucose.

Particularly, amoxicillin might result in a bogus-optimistic end result for glucose in the urine. A false-positive result transpires when a examination demonstrates a favourable final result for a substance that isn’t truly existing. In this scenario, the exam shows glucose is present in the urine even while glucose may not actually be there.

Just before obtaining a urine glucose test, be absolutely sure your doctor is aware of if you’re having Augmentin. They might give you a distinctive variety of glucose take a look at that is not afflicted by the drug.

Augmentin and cannabis or CBD

Cannabis (cannabis) and cannabis products and solutions, such as cannabidiol (CBD), have not been exclusively reported to interact with Augmentin or Augmentin ES-600. However, as with any drug or dietary supplement, chat with your physician prior to having hashish in combination with Augmentin. The influence of hashish may have an impact on how very well you adhere to your Augmentin therapy system.

Be aware: Cannabis is unlawful at a federal degree but is legal in many states to different levels.

Selected health care circumstances and other components might enhance the risk of interactions with Augmentin. Right before you get Augmentin, be absolutely sure to speak with your medical doctor about your health heritage. Augmentin may well not be the right procedure option for you if you have selected health-related ailments or other aspects affecting your well being.

Health problems or elements that may well interact with Augmentin incorporate:

  • Phenylketonuria (PKU). The liquid varieties of Augmentin consist of an component called phenylalanine. For this cause, your health practitioner may not prescribe a liquid type of Augmentin for you if you have PKU. Your medical professional might prescribe the tablet form of Augmentin for you as an alternative. This variety of Augmentin does not include phenylalanine.
  • Mononucleosis (frequently called “mono”). Your medical doctor could not prescribe Augmentin for you if you have mono. This affliction can raise the danger of rash as a side impact of Augmentin. Your medical doctor can advise the finest remedy for mono.
  • Kidney difficulties. If you have kidney issues, be absolutely sure to explain to your health practitioner in advance of taking Augmentin. An instance is kidney failure with or without the use of dialysis. Your health practitioner could give you a different dosage of Augmentin than normal if you have kidney difficulties.
  • Liver problems. Right before you get started treatment method with Augmentin, it’s essential to convey to your physician if you have liver difficulties. In some instances, Augmentin could result in certain liver complications as a aspect result. Your chance of liver troubles as a side influence could be increased if you have experienced this in the earlier. Your doctor will ascertain irrespective of whether to prescribe Augmentin for your problem. You can see information in the “When to stay away from Augmentin” portion over.
  • Being pregnant. It is not identified whether Augmentin is safe and sound to consider for the duration of being pregnant. If you’re expecting, talk with your medical doctor before using Augmentin. They’ll recommend on the risks and added benefits of having the drug though expecting.
  • Breastfeeding. Augmentin may perhaps move into the breast milk throughout breastfeeding, which could bring about facet consequences in a breastfed little one. If you’re breastfeeding, talk with your health practitioner prior to taking Augmentin. They’ll recommend whether or not Augmentin is safe to choose although breastfeeding.
  • Allergic response. If you’ve experienced an allergic reaction to Augmentin or any of its ingredients, your medical professional will most likely not prescribe Augmentin. Talk to them about other treatments that may be superior alternatives for you. You can see the “When to stay away from Augmentin” portion over for information.

In this article are some often asked questions about Augmentin and feasible interactions.

Does Augmentin interact with methotrexate?

There is not a regarded interaction involving Augmentin and methotrexate (Otrexup, Trexall, other people).

Nonetheless, having Augmentin with methotrexate may perhaps raise the degree of methotrexate in your body. And this could enhance your possibility of specified side effects with methotrexate. Illustrations incorporate nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and other serious aspect results.

If you have issues about getting Augmentin with methotrexate, discuss with your physician or pharmacist. They can suggest whether or not it’s risk-free for you to take these medications together.

Does Augmentin interact with Lexapro?

There is not a acknowledged interaction involving Augmentin and escitalopram (Lexapro).

On the other hand, some antibiotics do interact with Lexapro, these as levofloxacin. (Augmentin is a type of antibiotic.) Levofloxacin and Lexapro can each and every bring about an abnormal coronary heart rhythm as a aspect influence. Having these medication with each other could enhance the chance of abnormal heart rhythm even extra. But Augmentin isn’t regarded to enhance this hazard.

If you have queries about getting Augmentin with Lexapro, converse with your medical professional or pharmacist. They can establish if there are any pitfalls of using these medicines jointly.

You can acquire specified methods to assistance protect against interactions with Augmentin. Your health care provider and pharmacist are important means, so access out to them prior to beginning procedure. For example, you really should strategy the subsequent:

  • Inform them about any other prescription drugs you get, as well as lab tests you may well have planned.
  • Build a medicine checklist, which your physician and pharmacist can help you fill out.

It’s also crucial to examine the label of Augmentin and other paperwork that comes with the drug. The label might have coloured stickers that point out an interaction. And the paperwork, occasionally identified as the prescribing info, may well include facts about interactions. If this data is challenging to fully grasp, question your medical professional or pharmacist to support reveal it.

You can also assist avoid interactions with Augmentin by taking it exactly as your medical doctor prescribes.

Aside from mastering about interactions, you might want to uncover out more about Augmentin. These methods might enable:

  • Overview of Augmentin. For a common overview of Augmentin, you can see this write-up.
  • Drug comparison. For information and facts about how Augmentin compares with amoxicillin, see this post.
  • Points about bacterial infections. To study additional about infections that Augmentin could deal with, see this list of articles or blog posts linked to infectious ailments.

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