Pregnant Woman Comes Home From The Hospital To Find Her House Completely Trashed, Is Expected To Clean It All Up, Wonders If She Was Wrong To Call Mom For Help

When returning home after a week in the hospital, most people might expect to find a bouquet of flowers from their partner, a sparkling clean house and a relaxing atmosphere that’s conducive to their healing. Unfortunately, for one expectant mother, her recent stay in the hospital was likely much more peaceful than the drama that ensued after. Below, you’ll find the full story that she shared on Reddit detailing the tumultuous days that followed her return home.

After spending a week in the hospital, this expectant mother went home hoping to rest and heal

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Unfortunately, what she found upon arrival was a huge mess, courtesy of her husband and his brother’s family

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It’s understandable for couples to want to keep their issues private, but when one partner desperately needs help, it’s natural to reach out to family members

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This situation would be upsetting enough for any spouse or partner to experience, but especially when a woman is pregnant and ill, her partner should be going out of their way to ensure that she is not in stressful situations. According to March of Dimes, increased levels of stress during a pregnancy can increase a mother’s chances of having a baby who is born premature or having a low-birthweight baby. There are also a variety of health issues linked to babies who are born premature, such as cerebral palsy, behavior problems like ADHD, mental health conditions such as developing depression later in life and even neurological disorders. 

Even the mother herself can experience a host of dangerous and unpleasant symptoms caused by stress during her pregnancy. These might include normal pregnancy discomforts (such as trouble sleeping and morning sickness) becoming exacerbated, developing problems eating which can lead to becoming over or underweight, or developing high blood pressure during pregnancy. Some pregnant women also find themselves under so much stress that they seek unhealthy coping mechanisms that will harm their baby, such as smoking or drinking alcohol.

It’s also especially important for expectant mothers to avoid stressful situations, for the health of herself and the baby

To help reduce stress during a pregnancy, March of Dimes recommends staying healthy and fit by eating a balanced diet, getting plenty of rest and exercise. They also recommend that pregnant women cut back on all activities they don’t need to do, such as household chores that their partner can pick up. It can be wise to try relaxation activities, such as prenatal yoga or meditation, and taking a childbirth education class can help assuage any fears the expectant mom may have. It’s also important to have a strong support network, including the mother’s partner, friends and family. 

It is the responsibility of everyone around the expectant mother to work to make her life easier. Sometimes, this means simply staying out of her way and allowing her some peace. And in this particular case on Reddit, her husband could have easily cleaned up the home and shown his wife some support. She needs rest, especially after being ill. The last thing she needs is to be worried about the state of her home and overwhelmed by her in-laws barging in and wreaking havoc.

All couples shift when a child comes into the picture, but it’s up to them to ensure that the changes aren’t for the worse

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As some of the comments on Reddit noted, it can be concerning when a partner seems to suddenly change, and the reason for this husband’s change might be their baby on the way. According to Tracy K. Ross, LCSW, it is natural for a relationship to shift when a child comes into the picture, but both partners need to be mindful of these changes to ensure that they don’t all become negative. “We know from research that a relationship that’s not given attention will get worse,” Ross told Healthline. “If you do nothing, the relationship will deteriorate — you’ll be co-parents arguing about tasks. You have to put work into the relationship for it to stay the same, and work even harder to improve it.”

Thankfully, it sounds like the situation is improving and that her family members have been supportive in recent days, so we can only hope that issues like this never arise again. We would love to hear your thoughts on this situation in the comments below, pandas. And then if you’re interested in reading another Bored Panda article featuring spousal drama that ensued when a mom returned home, look no further than right here!

The expectant mother later provided more information on the story, responding to some of the readers who were on her side

Readers unanimously agreed that the woman had done nothing wrong, noting how wonderfully her family responded in this situation