Show 1331: Staying Healthy During and After COVID

In this week’s episode, we take a look at a assortment of sensible techniques to staying healthy even in the midst of an epidemic or pandemic like COVID. Our guest gives proof-centered tips on what life-style modifications can make a change.

Realistic Methods for Keeping Healthier:

Dr. Roger Seheult was previously scouring the professional medical literature even in advance of COVID-19. At the time the pandemic strike, he concentrated on what tips he and his colleagues could provide sufferers so that they could keep as nutritious as possible. These tactics grounded in science do the job from most viral infections, which includes the frequent cold as properly as COVID. They really should be effortless and scalable.

Dr. Seheult works by using the abbreviation NEWSTART to remind us of the fundamental principles: Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sleep, Temperance (in the sense of moderation), Air, Rest (which goes outside of only getting satisfactory sleep) and Trust in a bigger remaining.

Light-weight as Medication:

Most of us are aware that we require vitamin D for a healthier immune reaction. And almost certainly we know that we can make vitamin D if we expose our skin to sunshine. Dr. Seheult implies that the rewards of finding outside for some all-natural light-weight each individual day go far further than vitamin D.

We almost never assume about in the vicinity of-infrared light, but these wave lengths have a profound effect on the mitochondria that ability our cells. Between other points, normal light exposure can help continue to keep our circadian rhythms in line. When these are doing the job very well, they can support tutorial our rest and our having styles to boost our overall health.

Not everyone has access to daytime mild publicity. What ought to change workers do? Dr. Seheult implies that fully modifying the everyday rhythm so that it is dependable, even on times off, is most likely to be prosperous.

Do you have problems sleeping? A robust circadian rhythm will help the physique learn when to deliver melatonin, which is essential for sleep and also for preventing off an infection. Steering clear of light-weight at night time and skipping screens with blue gentle around bedtime can enable really encourage proper melatonin manufacturing.

In addition, it makes feeling to pay interest to working with your bedroom only for sleeping. If you possibly can, stay clear of working or watching Tv set in the bedroom. What’s extra, if you come across you tossing and turning, get up and go to one more home for a silent exercise until you feel drowsy. That way, your body won’t learn to affiliate the bed room with fighting to test to snooze.

Circadian Rhythm and Intermittent Fasting:

Investigation exhibits that offering the system time every working day when it is not actively concerned in metabolizing foodstuff and can expend vitality repairing tissues. Intermittent fasting offers it a probability. A sample of likely for 15 to 16 hrs without feeding on nearly anything can be handy for the metabolism, particularly if the hrs for taking in appear before in the working day. People today subsequent such a sample are much more most likely to make the BDNF (mind-derived neurotrophic variable) and other things that they require.

Water as Treatment:

Dr. Seheult notes that most traditional cultures use techniques to warm individuals up when they are unwell. For the duration of the 1918 flu pandemic, physicians usually prescribed hot-water soaks. The Nobel Prize recognized the benefit of heating up the overall body to battle off an an infection in 1927. That was the 12 months the Nobel Committee awarded the Prize to Dr. Julius Wagner-Jauregg, who handled sufferers with syphilis by inducing fevers.

We now know that our bodies deliver ten moments far more virus-battling interferon when the temperature goes up to 39 C (102 degrees F). Soaking in a very hot spring is much far more possible than spiking a fever! Sitting in a sauna is yet another well known choice. Leaving the warmth for a transient exposure to chilly looks to maximize its electric power.

Nutritional Dietary supplements That Make a Variance:

In his MedCram movies, Dr. Seheult assessments a array of dietary nutritional supplements and the science detailing why they are essential for being nutritious. We questioned him about his favorites, particularly whilst dealing with the risk of COVID infection. Just one that many persons never know is NAC (n-acetylcysteine). Having it can enormously minimize the severity of an infection. Dr. Seheult likes 600 mg twice everyday for six months, and then six months without the need of.

Vitamin C is familiar and well-known, but men and women prone to kidney stones will need to be careful about it. To ascertain the correct dose of vitamin D, you really should check your blood amount of 25-hydroxyvitamin D. Keeping it close to 50 ng/mL should optimize its advantages for the immune program.

At last, two other health supplements you may well not have thought of: zinc and quercetin. Zinc can inhibit viral replication, and quercetin is a zinc ionophore–a compound that can help zinc get into the cells where it can do its do the job.

This Week’s Radio Visitor:

Dr. Seheult is an Affiliate Medical Professor at the College of California, Riverside University of Drugs, and an Assistant Medical Professor at the School of Medication and Allied Health and fitness at Loma Linda University.

Dr. Seheult is quadruple board-licensed in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Conditions, Essential Treatment Medicine, and Snooze Medication via the American Board of Inside Drugs. HIs recent follow is in Beaumont, California where by he is a important care physician, pulmonologist, and slumber health practitioner at Optum California.

He lectures routinely throughout the place at conferences and for clinical, PA, and RT societies, is the director of a snooze lab, and is the Health care Director for the Crafton Hills University Respiratory Treatment Program.


In 2012 he and Kyle Allred established MedCram L.L.C., a healthcare training corporation with CME-accredited videos that are used by hospitals, clinical schools, and hundreds of countless numbers of medical professionals from all above the earth (and above 1 million YouTube Subscribers). His passion is “demystifying” medical ideas and offering individuals the applications for keeping wholesome.

We have discovered Dr. Seheult’s MedCram video clips awesome. He has completed an incredible work conveying COVID and the science guiding several therapies. But he also can make lots of other elaborate health care subject areas understandable. This is a talent that few of my professors in the University of Michigan’s Division of Pharmacology could claim.

Dr. Seheult was the recipient of the 2021 San Bernardino County Health care Society’s William L. Cover MD Award for Excellent Contribution to Drugs and the 2022 UnitedHealth Group’s The Sages of Medical Company Award. In 2022 equally Roger Seheult and Kyle Allred received the HRH Prince Salmon bin Hamad Al Khalifa Medical Benefit Medal from the Kingdom of Bahrain for their contribution to health and fitness policy in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Roger Seheult, MD, talks about staying healthy

Roger Seheult, MD, MedCram, Loma Linda, UC-Riverside

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