Tips to keep lips, hands and skin soft and smooth during dry winter conditions

Recurring hand washing for the duration of the colder seasons can strip humidity from pores and skin, and a D.C. skin doctor observing scenarios of hand dermatitis has suggestions to help.

Recurring hand washing during the cold, flu, COVID-19 and RSV period can strip moisture from pores and skin, and a D.C. skin doctor seeing instances of hand dermatitis has tips to aid.

“We certainly have to wash our arms the crucial section to bear in mind is to use a moisturizer, product or ointment to moist skin instantly afterwards,” explained Dr. Adam Friedman, professor and chair of dermatology at The George Washington College School of Drugs and Well being Sciences.

Regular hand washing can result in the skin’s best layer to dry out and turn into very rigid, resulting in deep cracks named fissures, as effectively as peeling, flaky and generally agonizing or itchy pores and skin all more than the hand.

Friedman’s advice to aid continue to keep pores and skin smooth and supple this winter:

Fully grasp that moisturizer is actually a dampness blocker: “When drinking water hits our skin, as it evaporates it will pull extra h2o off with it, as very well as wash away the organic moisturizers of the pores and skin. Making use of a moisturizer to moist skin locks that water in wherever it desires to be for the pores and skin to purpose effectively.”


Dr. Adam Friedman, professor and chair of dermatology at The George Washington College Faculty of Medication and Wellness Sciences. (Courtesy Adam Friedman)

Know what substances to glimpse for: “Look for an ointment or cream that has both jojoba oil, dimethicone, glycerin, hyaluronic acid or lactic acid to get the most out of it. The most essential thing, nevertheless, is to use to damp skin.”


Gloves are not just a manner accessory: “Wear gloves so the wind does not pull drinking water from your now dry skin.”

Observe greatest lip techniques: “Apply a thick lip balm, irrespective of whether it be ointment or paraffin wax-based, to damp lips — not [damp] with saliva, but relatively with water.”

Don’t make the miscalculation of licking your lips: “Saliva is intended to crack down protein, carbs and fat in our food items. Effectively, that’s what our skin is produced of also. So, licking our lips will only enhance dry, cracked, distressing lips.”

Comply with most effective bathing tactics, also: “When the humidity drops, it is essential to limit your bathing time to 5 to 10 minutes use a moisturizer immediately after receiving out of the shower to damp skin, and also be aware about cleaning soap use. Appear for gentle, fragrance-free cleansers, and genuinely reduce cleaning soap use as very well, as above-washing can be exceptionally drying for the pores and skin.”

To correct painful fissures, try out a liquid bandage: “The best way to use it is apply it to the fissure, pinch the skin jointly for about a moment and let the [bandage] do the job for you.”

You are what you consume: “Foods that are significant in sugar, high in carb load, substantial in dairy — that can build inflammation in our human body, but importantly in our skin, and can lead to drier, a lot more inflamed and itchy skin.”

Address the air: “Another way to keep humidity in your skin is to have a humidifier in the bedroom, as we eliminate a whole lot of drinking water from our skin even though we sleep.”

Attempt a quick hand or foot resolve: Soak them in basic water for a few of minutes, then instantly apply a moisturizer to moist skin and cover with possibly socks or gloves for about an hour.

Really do not overlook sunscreen: “Even however it’s cold and darker out, each individual day is nevertheless a solar safety day. So when you’re applying a moisturizer to exposed locations, make positive there is a sunscreen in that moisturizer — SPF 30 or increased, and broad spectrum.”

If you just can’t get your dry pores and skin underneath management, Friedman explained, it’s never a negative decision to see a board-qualified skin doctor.