Top 3 Smart Drugs And Brain Supplements

The world of dietary supplements has been rocked by nootropics. In order to enhance attention, energy, motivation, and other elements of brain health, people from all walks of life take over-the-counter nootropic supplements in addition to pharmaceutical nootropics that are recommended by doctors. 

The most well-known nootropics are probably caffeine and nicotine, and drugs like caffeine and creatine definitely function in this way. However, the debate is a little more divisive when it comes to manufactured supplements and synthetics because, in many instances, clinical evidence is still behind. 

In light of this, we decided to put more than a dozen of the greatest nootropics for motivation, energy, and mental focus to the test. We discuss our analysis and comments of five of those products in the sections that follow. 

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How Do Nootropics Work? 

Nootropics are a broad category of medications, supplements, and other substances thought to improve cognitive function. They are frequently referred to as smart pills, brain boosters, and cognitive enhancers. 

Many people take various brain enhancers to increase memory, focus, creativity, and motivation as well as to increase energy and ward off despair. 

Nootropics come in two primary categories: 

  • Natural Nootropics: These supplements contain all-natural components, like plant extracts, which are thought to improve brain performance. They assist you in overcoming a lack of motivation and energy. These products are not covered by FDA regulation as supplements. 

  • Synthetic nootropics: These drugs may have a significant impact on how the brain works. They are subject to FDA regulation and frequently need a prescription and continuing medical care. 

Our Top Five Nootropic Supplements for Motivation, Energy & more: 

  1. The best nootropic on the market overall is Nooceptin

  1. The Best nootropic alternative to ADHD medication  Vyvamind

  1. Best Runner Up Choice is: NooCube

1. Nooceptin: Best nootropic on the market overall 


Because it is free of caffeine, gluten, and GMOs, Nooceptin is one of the highest-quality nootropics and suitable for most people. It’s optimal doses of tried-and-trusted ingredients are intended to enhance brain health, boost memory, energy, and mental focus. 



Because neuroscientists developed the Nooceptin recipe, it has a good reputation. Nooceptin may increase your concentration by boosting the neurotransmitters in your brain, also referred to as your brain’s “messengers,” which will help you be more effective and productive throughout the day. 

Nooceptin contains some substances that have showed tremendous promise in treating Alzheimer’s and dementia. Customers claim, for instance, that they have less mental fog, have an easier time remembering things, and can handle mental problems both at work and outside of class or school. 

Even in terms of logistical considerations like shipping and return policies, it was difficult to find anything unfavorable to say about the goods. Nooceptin has a high rate of customer satisfaction. 

Nooceptin claims that their biohacking pills may improve memory, brain function, and your ability to handle complex cognitive decline tasks like multitasking. Additionally, you can experience an increase in mental vigor, making it simpler for you to tackle your activities head-on. 

Our Findings and Client Evaluations 

The majority of the most reputable clinical trials were replicated in our testing, and Nooceptin was the only product in which the test group consistently beat the placebo group. The positive customer feedback found online reflects this achievement. Very few customers expressed dissatisfaction with their purchases, as we discovered. 

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2. Vyvamind: Best Nootropic Alternative to ADHD Medication 


We were most familiar with Vyvamind going into this procedure because of the nootropic advantages it provides for those with ADHD or those who are wanting a natural adderall alternative.  

It has also been used to treat individuals with attention deficit disorder, motivate them, and give them more energy. For this reason, Vyvamind has gained an unofficial nickname of “natural Vyvanse”.  

The caffeine and l-theanine combo help to deliver the clean energy and focus boosts that Vyvamind is known for, without putting anyone at risk from jittery side effects due to its intelligent, safe-and-effective dosing. 



  • Not cheap, but you get what you pay for 

  • Not everyone wants a stimulant nootropic 

  • You can only buy direct from its official website:  

Several ingredients make up Vyvamind, and each one is stated on the label. The ingredients emphasize mood and relaxation as well as performance energy and mental clarity. It does include B Vitamins, so you might need to change how much you consume to stay within the daily suggested levels (but since B Vitamins are water soluble, it’s not really a problem even if you consume over the daily recommended allowance anyway). 

Our Findings and Client Evaluations 

We tested this with a variety of age groups and were successful in every one of them. But among those 60 and older, none of the brain supplements outperformed each other. Our success was particularly evident in those who wanted to increase their motivation, as seen by online customer testimonials. 

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3. NooCube: Best Runner Up Choice 


Similar to our top pick for the finest nootropic supplement, Noocube. Although it didn’t perform as well as Nooceptin, it still worked properly. It also succeeded in setting itself apart by reducing cortisol levels and oxidative stress, which can result in brain fog and various other difficult-to-diagnose health problems. 



Bacopa Monnieri is the main ingredient in Noocube. Due to its vast spectrum of health advantages, such as lowering blood sugar levels, cortisol levels, and stress and anxiety levels, this medicinal herb is increasingly showing up in dietary supplements. 

Our Findings and Client Evaluations 

We preferred Nooceptin because it reacts more quickly, among other things. When used regularly, Nooceptin has a tendency to last longer and deliver the desired outcomes. However, people who do regularly use Noocube as a dietary supplement have overwhelmingly nice things to say about it too. 

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12 Natural Nootropics for Energy and Motivation 

You can choose between natural nootropics and manufactured smart medicines, which frequently need a prescription from a doctor. The FDA does not regulate natural nootropics, but you can use them successfully if you are aware of the ingredients and believe in them. Smart medications have the potential to be considerably more effective than natural alternatives, but they also come with more challenges, a higher potential for intensity, and a higher potential for side effects. 

Adderall (Requires a Prescription) 

One of the strongest prescription smart medications is Adderall. It works by making more of the chemicals available that your brain needs to function. The issue with Adderall is that it has a significant potential of addiction and, if not used properly, can cause a variety of negative effects. 

This is why adderall alternatives have become very popular. Among these, Vyvamind is seen as the best adderall alternative on the market due to containing caffeine and l-theanine, to deliver a clean energy and focus boost without jittery side effects. 

Bacopa Monnieri 

For ages, the herb bacopa monnieri has been utilized in traditional Indian medicine. The idea that it can quicken brain thinking and slow down reaction times is supported by contemporary studies. Bacosides, which lessen oxidative stress and improve synaptic transmission, are to blame for this. 


The most widely used nootropic for motivation is probably caffeine, which has been used for millennia as a brain enhancer. Caffeine is a stimulant, a psychoactive substance, and a nootropic. Too much coffee or other caffeine consumption might have adverse effects that outweigh the benefits. Users should be careful to adjust their intake based on their level of sensitivity to the chemical. 

Ginkgo Biloba 

When taken daily by adults, this herbal supplement made from the leaves of the Ginkgo biloba tree has been demonstrated in clinical studies to improve memory and mental functioning. The result builds up over time. The results usually take six weeks to completely manifest, but once they do, they will last as long as the supplement is taken every day. Additionally, this chemical lowers blood pressure, cortisol levels, and stress. 

Lion’s Mane Mushroom 

For millennia, traditional medicine has employed lion’s mane. It contains hericenones and erinacine, which promote brain neuron growth and have produced some encouraging results in the treatment of dementia and the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. According to several research, memory enhancements in older persons only lasted as long as the subjects took the supplement. 


L-theanine is a naturally occurring amino acid that can be consumed as a supplement or is frequently found in tea. L-theanine has a soothing effect and has been demonstrated to boost alpha brain waves. Caffeine, which is also present in many teas, is known to enhance the effects of L-theanine. 

Rhodiola Rosea 

For people with worry and tension, Rhodiola Rosea is extremely beneficial. According to studies, it helps prevent and undo the damaging effects of stress on your body and brain. This nootropic aids in the restoration of neurons that have been harmed by persistent stress. 

A potent adaptogen is rhodiola rosea. Consequently, it aids in enhancing the impact of several hormones during periods of low activity. and when activity is too great, it will stop excessive stimulation. 

As an adaptogen, Rhodiola Rosea helps the body regulate excess norepinephrine brought on by long-term stress. Additionally, it increases levels of serotonin and the feel-good opioid beta-endorphins. 

By enhancing ATP synthesis in your mitochondria, Rhodiola Rosea can increase energy levels, reduce mental fog, improve focus during stressful situations like examinations or business presentations, and shield your brain cells from free radical damage. 

Rhodiola Rosea enhances the stress response, reduces physical and mental exhaustion, and improves sleep quality. It might even improve your mental health. 

Particularly beneficial for persons with anxiety and panic problems is rhodiola rosea. According to studies, this herb’s soothing effects are comparable to those of other well-known antidepressants and anxiety medications. minus the negative impacts. 

Panax Ginseng 

Ginseng cannot be produced by your body on its own. As a result, you must consume it as a supplement. 

Chronic tiredness responds well to ginseng in particular. And a fantastic technique to naturally enhance both physical and mental energy. 

Ginseng has soothing and anti-anxiety properties. and can improve learning, memory, recall, and mental acuity. 

Since ancient times, ginseng has been utilized as a potent adaptogen. It was utilized for general health by the ancient Chinese and other cultures. 

FAQs on the Best Nootropics and Brain Supplements 

#1. Do Nootropics Help with Motivation? 

Yes. Nootropics can definitely help with motivation, energy, and better attention. Think about how the top over-the-counter Adderall substitutes are often prescribed for their nootropic effects. Less study has been done on natural nootropics, although many people, including the review participants, have had significant success with them. Just be sure that all of the components are mentioned and that you thoroughly inspect any nootropic supplements you buy as they are not FDA-regulated. 

#2. How Safe Are Nootropics? 

Yes, but keep in mind that there is a chance for abuse. Never use a regulated nootropic without a doctor’s prescription and supervision. We strongly advise keeping a log of your experiences with over-the-counter nootropics, including any negative side effects. You should talk to your pharmacist about using any nootropics if you use any prescription medications. Make sure your overall vitamin and mineral doses are not too high if you are taking various supplements. 

#3. How Legal are Nootropics? 

Yes, they are legal in the United States, but laws differ from one nation to the next. Be aware that purchasing nootropics for energy that are restricted medications without a valid prescription is against the law. Not all regulated synthetic nootropics demand a prescription. The majority of natural nootropics are available as over-the-counter nutritional supplements and are not subject to regulation. 

#4. Do Nootropics Help Memory? 

Yes. Be aware that older individuals who suffered memory loss due to aging have seen the best outcomes. Having said that, younger people also benefit from the impacts. Numerous of the compounds listed here, including ginkgo biloba, phosphatidylserine, omega-3, and grape seed extract, are even listed as powerful memory boosters in Psychology Today, a reputable industry publication. 

#5. Can Nootropics Help with Anxiety? 

Yes. the best nootropics can help people lower their anxiety levels, but it’s vital to focus on certain compounds that are recognized to have this impact. L-theanine is a prime illustration. There is a ton of research to support the claims that it promotes serenity, inspires motivation, and lessens anxiety. Both Vyvamind and Nooceptin are known to have this effect, and many users have found success with both. You can read a Nooceptin review here to learn more. 

#6. Energy Levels: Do Nootropics Increase Them? 

Yes, but once more, in this circumstance, you should focus on components and supplements that are known to have this impact. Caffeine-containing nootropics can be effective for some people, but they can also cause crashes or make other people feel jittery. The majority of the restricted nootropics mentioned in this review of nootropics increase energy, however those need a prescription. Look for products with Rhodiola rosea, acetyl-L-carnitine, and L-theanine if you prefer a natural remedy without caffeine. 

#7. Is Brain Fog Treatable with Nootropics? 

Yes, however keep in mind that the term “brain fog” is quite general and might imply different things to different people. It’s possible that someone else may not see brain fog the same way you do. Having said that, nootropics are useful for preventing those times when one cannot think clearly, and many people who regularly use these supplements do so because of how it makes them feel in this regard. 

#8. What Is a Stack of Nootropics? 

In the field of supplements, a nootropic stack is a concoction of substances. A stack is just a set that mixes many products from the same brand. In some situations, the manufacturer will combine the ingredients to create an original product. Nooceptin, which targets a variety of brain health effects like motivation and energy in a single convenient dose, is our choice for the finest nootropic stack. 

#9. Are Organic Nootropics More Beneficial Than Smart Drugs? 

This is a perspective issue. Anything that works for you is ideal. However, if a natural remedy works, it is preferable because it has none of the drawbacks associated with taking prescription medications. 

#10. Which Nootropic Has the Best Effect on Motivation, Energy, and Focus? 

Aside from prescription drugs, all of the items and substances we have described in this evaluation are efficient and secure choices. There is a reason Nooceptin is at the top of our list of nootropics, though. The business has our trust. It’s offered for a reasonable price. The results kick in very quickly, and as you continue to take the pill, they merely get stronger and more dependable. 

#11. Nootropics: Are There Any Side Effects? 

They can, and manufactured and prescribed nootropics are the most likely to do this. Natural nootropics are less likely to cause it, and if it does, the negative effects are typically mild. Nevertheless, discontinue using the product and see your doctor if you notice any negative effects. 

Conclusion on the Best Nootropic Supplements  


When we first started preparing for this project, a few team members were very apprehensive. By the end of the procedure, they had all mostly overcome their doubts, and many continue to use nootropics for their potent effects on motivation, mental clarity, and focus. 

The success we achieved with top nootropic products like Nooceptin, Vyvamind, and Noocube was greatly influenced by this. But not every product we tried was a hit. 

The top nootropic supplements for improved energy, cognitive function, and motivation that we have listed here may be trusted. Just be sure that all of the contents are disclosed and that you can verify them if you wish to try additional nootropics. 

Our Top Five Nootropic Supplements for Motivation, Energy & more: 

  1. The best nootropic on the market overall is Nooceptin

  1. The Best nootropic alternative to ADHD medication  Vyvamind

  1. Best Runner Up Choice is: NooCube

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