7 Ways to Improve Children’s Reading Ability

The time to go to school is the time for children to return to learning. Children who have just entered school are usually not so fluent in reading. Because it never hurts to practice these skills since the child has not entered elementary school.
Reading is one of the skills that must be mastered by children, it takes practice to hone their abilities. Therefore, do know Strategies to Improve Word Reading Skill for children? And what things should parents do to get their children excited and interested in reading?
And here are some tips that parents can do to improve reading skills in children, namely:

1. Provide a variety of items that help children’s reading ability.

If there are many supporting items, the child will be encouraged to read. One option is books that are interesting for children, such as picture books or with colours that attract children’s attention. Because one of the factors that children like to read is education from their parents and support from parents materially or non-materially.
Take children to the library. In this place, children will have more choices of books, so that they are more motivated to read. In addition, the atmosphere in the library also encourages children to participate in the reading.

2. Read books to children.

Reading books to children aloud every day can be one of the most effective ways to help improve your little one’s reading skills. It is also possible for children to try reading on their own because for him this is quite fun. Reading books for children is very important for your child’s development and can be an example for children to be able to read independently.

3. Make it a game.

Turning learning to read into a game can create a fun and interesting atmosphere for children. Try to get the child to match the beginning of the syllable with the ending, so that the child can learn to read while playing. One of the most enjoyable reading lessons for children is to make reading materials a game. This can make children happy and also not bored when learning to read.

4. Sing songs.

By singing nursery rhymes, children will learn to make connections between letters and the sounds they make. Singing while clapping your hands to the rhythm of the song can also encourage the understanding of the words. This makes children very enthusiastic when reading and makes learning to read fun for children.

5. Provide a special place for reading.

Providing a special place for children to read will motivate children to learn. Parents can also be involved in using the place so that this activity becomes more fun for the little ones to be excited to learn to read.

6. Let the child try to write.

Writing can also improve the ability of children to read because children are learning to combine letters to form a word or sentence. This activity also helps children’s writing skills.

7. Invite children to read together.

Spending time reading together can provide a fun message for children. Let the children choose their own books, then invite them to read together. This condition will further motivate children to learn to read. Inviting children to read together is something that makes our child’s mood happy and makes reading fun for the little one.


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