What Is Bacteria Therapy for Eczema?

What causes atopic dermatitis (eczema)? Researchers never know just, but they believe it has to do with a range of things, all underneath investigation: genetics, the immune method, skin barrier defects, allergy symptoms, and environmental triggers.

Researchers are also discovering the role of the microbiome — the trillions of microorganisms, fungi, and viruses that dwell on and in the human body. Imbalances in this delicate microorganism ecosystem can contribute to quite a few ailments and problems impacting almost everything from the intestine to the brain to the skin.

Researchers interested in the microbiome have discovered that folks with eczema have unusually high amounts of harmful micro organism on their pores and skin and decrease than usual concentrations of “good” microbes.

This discovery led to an thought: Could adding advantageous germs to the pores and skin by means of topical medications correct this imbalance and improve eczema signs and symptoms?